The Norden Association today and in the future

Lecture 23.08.2023 - 27.09.2023 19:00 at Jessheim public library

A lecture by Erik Leifssøn in light of a world undergoing drastic changes. Leifssøn will discuss The Norden Association today and with a perspective on the future.

The Norden Association is a non-profit, politically independent membership organization that works to strengthen and develop grassroots Nordic cooperation. Why? Because The Norden Association believes in the strength and possibilities of unity, a Nordic region where borders are unimportant, and a common cultural home with equal opportunities for work, studies, and settlement for all of us 27 million people living up here.

Erik Leifssøn works with local chapters, elected officials, and organizational development. He informs about Nordic cooperation, including projects like Nordic Literature Week, Nordjobb, and The Nordics in School.

Free admission. Welcome!

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