Harpreet Bansal quartet

Concert 28.08.2021 14:30 in the city hall square

Harpreet Bansal is a Norwegian-Indian violinist and composer who has garnered great international recognition for her deeply personal interpretation of the Indian raga tradition. Harpreet Bansal Band has released the albums Movements and Samaya, the latter was nominated for the Spellemann Prize in Open Class in 2019. In Harpreet Bansal Band she has gathered a group of her absolute favorite musicians, a colorful and dynamic mix of strong musical personalities that add new dimensions to raga, with elements from jazz, improv and Persian music, among others. Harpreet and the band together create a musical expression that alternates between meditative landscapes and virtuoso playfulness, precision and improvisation.

Harpreet Bansal, violin
Javid Afsari-Rad, santur
Sanskrit Shrestha, tabla
Adrian Fiskum Myhr, double bass