Move & Groove

Workshop 25.08.2023 17:00 - 20:00 in Ullr

Are you aged between 7 and 13? Do you like cool rhythms and music from other parts of the world? Do you like to dance, sing, and play an instrument? Now you can join others enjoying music, singing, and dancing, in making a show!


Move & Groove is a workshop run by professional musicians and dancers! Children and young people are invited to participate. We will be rehearsing a cool show which will be performed at the Global Gathering Festival. You do not need to be able to play an instrument/sing/dance to join.

If you joined “VårPulse” at “Kulturskolen” last Easter, it will be especially nice to see you here too

The arrangement is free of charge but requires registration.



Duration two days:

Friday, 25. August at 17:00—20:00: Workshop. We will learn how to play music and to dance and be rehearsing a proper show!

Saturday, 26. August at 09:30: A last rehearsal before the performance.

Saturday, 26. August at 12:30: We perform our show at the Global Gathering Festival.

Family members wanting to watch, are welcome.


“Ullensaker kulturhus”, Ullr

Any questions?

Please contact “Kulturskolen” on mail:

Registration via Google-form:

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