Opening of the Global Gathering Festival 2023

National costumes exhibition 22.08.2023 - 26.09.2023 18:00 in Galleri Jessheim

Sezatoarea Basarabiei in Moldova aims in cooperation with Østeuropeisk kvinneforening Eva (Eastern European Women Society Eva) in Norway to receive ten original traditional costumes from Moldova to Norway.

Sezatoarea Basarabiei is a society in Moldova that for many years has been working to restore the tradition of the authentic and original Romanian national costume in the Republic of Moldova. Through several approaches it aims to get as familiar with the traditions as possible in order to make clothes based on the traditional models and to respectfully carry the shirt with the altita in the traditional costume. Shirts created in this society, honours the specific materials, the riches of the old techniques, and the motifs of the original ornaments.

Østeuropeisk kvinneforening Eva (Eastern European Women Society Eva) is a society in Norway aiming to

  • arrange events and national public holidays to maintain Moldovan traditions
  • familiarise the local population with the customs and traditions of the Moldovans
  • introduce Norway to modern Moldovan culture and create a positive view of the Moldovans and the Republic of Moldova
  • organise and coordinate charity-events
  • cooperate with other Moldovan/Romanian clubs and societies in Norway
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