Sumaya Jirde Ali and Simon Stranger

Conversation 25.08.2021 19:00 at Jessheim public library

Sumaya Jirde Ali and Simon Stranger use their literature as a starting point to talk about how poetry and text can provide new insights, increased empathy and understanding of how individuals live their lives and the universals that affects everyone. Can literature change our society?

Simon Stranger is from Oslo. Since his debut in 2003, he has published a number of books for children, young people and adults, and in 2014 was nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize for «Those who don´t exist». The books have garnered very good reviews and have been translated into fifteen languages. «Keep Saying Their Names» (2018) is his fifth novel for adults, and was awarded Bokhandlerprisen in 2018.

Sumaya Jirde Ali is a Norwegian-Somali social debater, author and poet. In 2017 Jirde Ali's first collection of poems «Kvinner som hater menn» (Frekk Forlag), and the following year the collection «Melanin hvitere enn blekemiddel» (Aschehoug) and the pamphlet «Ikkje ver redd sånne som meg» (Samlaget). Jirde Ali studies social anthropology, is a columnist in Morgenbladet and an editorial member of the magazine Voks. For her contributions to the Norwegian public, she has received the Osloprisen Årets stemme, the Zola Prize, the Ord i Grenseland Prize, and the Norwegian Writers' Association's Freedom of Expression Prize.