The Global Gathering Ullensaker Association

GGU organizes a variety of events throughout the year, partly funded by state grants for integration in the local community from IMDI. This is a great opportunity for those who wish to participate.

Global Gathering Ullensaker (GGU) is a vibrant association working with and for the cultural diversity of our local community. Our goal is to create dynamic meeting places where music, dance, visual arts, and culinary culture thrive throughout the year. Through concerts, workshops, professional programs, and an exciting festival in August, we offer unique opportunities to connect and expand horizons.

Ullensaker, being one of the fastest-growing municipalities in Norway, attracts newcomers from all over the world, everyone with an unique cultural background. Global Gathering Ullensaker aims to reflect this wonderful diversity. By participating in our events, you can experience a world of traditions and new perspectives in your own neighborhood.

Our annual highlight, the Global Gathering Festival, is an explosive cultural collaboration where local and international artists stand side by side. Join us and discover a treasure trove of different cultural expressions and traditions, as well as inspiring encounters and lectures. Explore, experience, and enrich your life with cultures from around the world – join our growing community at Global Gathering Ullensaker.

For volunteers

Currently, there is no membership fee to join the GGU association, so the threshold for contributing is low. If you want to contribute in some capacity, send us a message.: or

For members

If you have suggestions/ideas, feel free to send them to us: or